Cover for 1st February

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You are all at different stages so if you know what work is missing in your portfolio, please complete it to the best of your ability. This might be work you were doing with Mr Jago or you may continue with work for Mr Crowther.


Unit 2 Assessment Criteria

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To ensure you pass unit two you must have completed the following tasks:

P1: Write a definition of aims and objectives (the definition should be relevant to business)

P2: Explain why it is important for a business to set aims and objectives.

P3: For a business of your choice, write a set of aims and objectives.

P4: Describe the functional areas in two different businesses

P5: Explain how the functional areas in one of these businesses are linked together.

Cover for Friday Period 3

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Creating a brand.

For a company of your choice, produce a power point that researches their brand identity and their mission statement.

For example, you can easily trace the history of Coca-Cola or MCDonalds from origins to global brand.

How have the companies changed over time, how has the look of the product and the way it is advertised changed?

This is a task that allows you freedom to investigate any brand you like.

Please finish over holiday.

Unit 2 M1 links

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Use google to do the following – write up in Word (save document as Unit2 P1)

1. Write (not copy) a definition of Aims.
2. Write (not copy) a definition of Objectives
3. What is the difference between an Aim and an Objective?
4. What are SMART objectives?
5. Why do Objectives need to be SMART?
6. For yourself, for the next month set yourself an Aim and a set of Objectives. Show how your Objectives are SMART.

7. Use Microsoft Publisher to design an information leaflet to explain what Aims and Objectives are. You can include the information you have found out today and illustrate with appropriate pictures.


Work for Monday (Mr Cameron not in)

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Things to do in today’s lesson

1. Design a front cover for your Unit 1 Portfolio.

This should state the following:

Business BTEC
Unit 1: The Purpose of Business
Your Name
a lovely picture to illustrate the topic.

2. Go through unit specification and identify what you need to do to finish.

3. All work should have an individual title page stating your name and which assessment criteria it is about:


Bob Roberts
BTEC Business Unit 1

4. Complete all work not yet done for unit 1.

Mr Cameron

P5 – Useful Links

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Regulation Checker: